Commissioners issue statement on dry weather conditions

Allen County Board of Commissioners Seal

News release from the Allen County Board of Commissioners:

Commissioners Issue Statement on Dry Weather Conditions

The Allen County Board of Commissioners this afternoon issued the following statement with regard to the current dry weather conditions in the county:

“The Board of Commissioners is requesting all residents of Allen County to be extremely careful during this extended period of dry weather. In these conditions, fires can ignite and spread very quickly. Activities like grilling, fireworks and backyard fires have the potential to cause sizable fires. Even seemingly harmless actions like driving over or parking on dry grass, or dropping a lit cigarette on the ground could spark a fire.

At this time, the Board is asking residents to limit or suspend large open burns of structures or brush which are allowed under Allen County Code. Should these dry conditions persist, other steps may be necessary. We will continue to monitor the situation with our offices of Homeland Security and Environmental Affairs.”


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