Harrison Square delays continue

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Harrison Square delays continue
Mayor Henry Continues to Cover for Barry Real Estate

Former Allen County Council President and Republican nominee for Mayor of Fort Wayne Paula Hughes continued to stand on the side of the taxpayer questioning the continued delays in information from the Henry administration and Barry Real Estate regarding Harrison Square.

With the largest portion of private sector development for the Harrison Square project over two years behind schedule, the Henry administration announced their artificial May 31 deadline has been pushed back to June 13 to get an update on the lack of progress on the project. “We have been getting a dog-and-pony show from the Henry administration for far too long,” Hughes said. “It is time to reevaluate our business partner and move on so we can get this project moving forward.”

Ground broke on Parkview Field prior to Tom Henry being sworn-in as Mayor of Fort Wayne. The only component that still needed to be completed was the section known as “The Harrison.” Originally, it was billed as a place to have retail shops, restaurants, offices, and condos. In fact, Mayor Henry placed a down payment on one of the condos. He hasn’t moved in yet. Unfortunately, ground hasn’t even been broken on “The Harrison” and information regarding the project has been difficult to obtain.

“To date, Tom Henry’s legacy is nothing more than a hole in the ground,” Hughes said. “Enough is enough and Fort Wayne residents are tired of all of the excuses Mayor Henry has made for this debacle. It’s time to change administrations and get Fort Wayne working again.”

Through all the delays, the City of Fort Wayne is owed roughly $2 million in fines. In February, Barry Real Estate gave the Redevelopment Commission checks totaling $70,000 as a show of good faith. Despite all of the delays, the money was returned.

“Hopefully, this additional two-week delay will include a fine check that the Mayor won’t return,” Hughes concluded.


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