Bonahoom questions lack of transparency in technology proposal

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News release from the Zach Bonahoom for City Clerk campaign:

Bonahoom Questions Lack of Transparency In Technology Proposal
Pledged to publish ordinances at least 48 hours in advance of Council consideration

Zach Bonahoom, Republican candidate for Fort Wayne City Clerk believes the proposed $1.4 million technology proposal for planning and permitting was rushed and lacked the proper transparency for a spending measure of that size.

“It seems to me that the Mayor and City Clerk have rushed technology reform onto the agenda just because Republican candidates have begun talking about new technology in government.” Bonahoom said. “Citizens have been begging for better service for years and waiting until an election year to push this through strikes me as a slap in the face.”

He continued, “This is not a problem that can simply have money thrown at it. In order to implement true technology reform, the authors must actually understand what needs to be done. Right now I don’t think anyone knows because of the lack of specifics in this ordinance.”

Bonahoom questioned why a Mayor and a City Clerk who have been in local government for a combined 48 years have only now focused on solving a long-standing complaint about local government — lack of expedience and customer service — with technology that has been available for at least 10 years.

Bonahoom added a pledge that, as City Clerk, he would make sure that every ordinance and proposal submitted for City Council approval would be available to the public online for at least 48 hours prior to discussion at the Council table, regardless of who wants it introduced.

“Transparency is the Clerk’s responsibility to the people, there is no excuse for the rush in this case. No bill will receive special treatment and no back room agenda will be facilitated by my City Clerk’s office.” Bonahoom said. “Sandy Kennedy’s promise that this kind of rush job won’t happen again comes 28 years too late.”

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