National Serv-All clarification regarding Feb. 17 one-cart recycling mailer

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Press release from National Serv-All:

National Serv-All clarification regarding Feb. 17 one-cart recycling mailer

(November 19, 2010) – Due to a logistical error, some city residents inadvertently received a mailer on behalf of National Serv-All discussing one-cart recycling.

This mailer is understandably causing confusion among city resident who’ve either signed up to receive their carts or received them already. To reiterate and clarify: There are NO COSTS OR EXTRA CHARGES to city residents for participating in the one-cart program. In addition, if they have not signed up for one-cart yet, they should continue to do so through the City of Fort Wayne, NOT National Serv-All.

This mailer was intended to be distributed ONLY to people outside the city limits; that obviously was not the case. We apologize for any confusion receiving the mailer may have caused. Please be advised that the City of Fort Wayne SPENT NO PUBLIC MONEY on this promotion at all; this was strictly a Serv-All promotional campaign aimed at potential one-cart customers outside Fort Wayne city limits.

Again, we apologize for any issues this may have caused. If you have further questions or concerns regarding the mailer, please do not contact the City. Instead, contact Serv-All at 260-747-4117.

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