Breaking: Pape not seeking re-election

Fort Wayne City Councilman Tim Pape.  Courtesy image.

Statement from Fort Wayne City Councilman Tim Pape:

Statement of Tim Pape on his service to the people of the 5th District and Fort Wayne:

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve my hometown and especially, the people of the 5th District.

It is humbling to know that my fellow citizens put their faith in me, that they have entrusted me to make decisions on their behalf. Public service remains a privilege and an honor. It is also a responsibility that I have always worked diligently to uphold.

In any time, but especially in these times, politics is challenging. It demands a great personal investment. But it is also meaningful and fun and rewarding – constantly rewarding.

Although it has been a sacrifice for my wife and children, we believe it is a sacrifice that is worth it. Becky and I have been able to show our children the importance of community, that it takes each of us to help it grow and keep it strong. We’ve exposed them to public life and the obligation of every person to make a civic contribution. My kids already understand that casting a vote is the most precious right and the most important act of any citizen in a democracy.

Every time I look at Will, Madeleine and Hillary, I know that we are helping to shape the future of our city, because we are involved. That fills me with pride.

I am equally proud of the hard work we’ve done, working together with people all across Fort Wayne, to revitalize Southtown Centre, recharge downtown and enhance our neighborhoods. I’ve been proud to fight for good jobs and to bring down and sustain a sharply lower tax rate. I’m proud that our commitment to performance-based government and our smart fiscal management have put Fort Wayne in a strong position economically, one that will allow us to compete and succeed in every arena.

I am grateful to Mayor Graham Richard and Mayor Tom Henry who offered me the chance to work with them on so many important initiatives. Thanks to my dear family. Thanks to my constituents who I have been fortunate to serve. I have loved every minute of it all, but I will not be seeking another term on Fort Wayne City Council.

I am determined to stay engaged. I learned so much about economic development during my time on City Council. I want to put more of my efforts into that area and work to make our region an economic powerhouse.

When I first ran for public office, I was 31 years old. And I’m still a young guy. Beyond my personal news today, the message I want to send to others like me who care about Fort Wayne’s tomorrow and are just starting out is this: We are a community ready for continued progress and for the energy of younger voices. Take up the challenge as I did.

If you do, and I encourage you to do it, be prepared to work more hours than you can imagine, to listen more closely, to care more deeply, and to fight harder than you ever thought possible for the things that will make our community great. Don’t be a tiny voice for timid ideas. Be a big and fearless voice for bold ideas that can strengthen and transform Fort Wayne for generations to come.

I may be stepping away from the City Council table, but I am not, nor will I ever, step away from my commitment to my community. It was a gift to have been able to serve the people of Fort Wayne and the 5th District. Thank you all.

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