Opinion: ‘Tom Henry for Mayor’ website updated

The official Tom Henry for Mayor has a new look.

But, to be very honest, I’m not sure about the image on the home page under the heading, ‘Mayor Henry makes it official, seeks new term’.  While I won’t swear to this, the photo seems like one I remember seeing four years ago when he first ran for Mayor.  I will swear to the fact that I don’t remember seeing Karen Goldner at the announcement today and I certainly don’t remember seeing former Mayor Graham Richard or Tom Hayhurst there either.  The podium was also a different color – which was the first thing that caught my eye.

I have to admit I was surprised, at first anyway, to see Twitter and facebook links on the page.

However, surfing into both, I remembered seeing these before.  In fact, the Twitter page has zero Tweets, Following’s, Followers or Listed’s.  The facebook page says that I have a pending friend request, but to be honest, I’m thinking that was possibly a year ago.  I can’t pull up a date, but it’s been a looooong time!  There’s a graphic on the website suggesting one follow’s them on facebook, but that’s kind of difficult if they don’t approve the requests. Looks like there’s  a bit more work to be done.

Anyway, the website holds much promise.  Lots of information on what he’s accomplished – and there are some big accomplishments, but one glaring omission – what does he want to do with another four years?  What does he see in the future of Fort Wayne?  Where does he want to take us next?  A candidate’s website, which is a reflection of their campaign and candidacy, should answer, among others, two basic questions:

  1. What a candidate hopes to accomplish if elected, or in this case, re-elected; and
  2. What’s the plan?

There’s still time to talk about these two things, it’s very early in this race.

Just my two cents worth.


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