Senate approves proposal banning pot-like products in State

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An e-mail update from Indiana Senator Tom Wyss:

Wyss: Senate Approves Proposal Banning Pot-like Products in State, Bill Moves to House

Senate lawmakers by a 47-0 vote today approved a bill I co-authored banning marijuana-like products across Indiana and creating stiff penalties for using and selling the substances.

Senate Bill 57 now moves to the House of Representatives for consideration.

This substance is gaining popularity among young Hoosiers. As a result, local officials have already taken action. I’m pleased the General Assembly is following through with discussions to ban pot-like products across the state.

SB 57 adds various chemical compounds used in synthetic pot to the state’s controlled substances list and creates the same penalties for producing, distributing, selling or using the products as marijuana.

Current state law bans “analog drugs” that are designed to have similar effects as illegal drugs, but a loophole exempts drugs labeled “not for human consumption” – often used on brands like ‘Spice’ that are sold as herbal incense.

Since the drug is not labeled for human consumption, the Federal Drug Administration has not tested its effects and therefore the long-range implications are unknown.

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