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This Wednesday, January 19th, is the first day candidates may officially file with the Allen County Board of Elections to run in the May Primary.

This is also the date for all candidate committees, legislative caucus committees, and political action committees to file annual campaign finance reports for 2010.  The deadline for filing for the primary is Friday, February 18th.

But before that, Democrats begin their round of announcements.  Today, at 11 am, Fort Wayne City Councilman Glynn Hines, Democrat for the 6th District, will announce his run for re-election.  Tomorrow, Democrat Karen Goldner will announce her intentions for the 2nd District seat, a seat she’s held for the last three years.  The 2nd District race will be one of the more interesting ones as there are three Republican candidates in the primary.

Ken Nicolett, currently in his last year as one of the Mayor’s Neighborhood Advocates, has filed a CFA-1 with the Election Board for the 1st District Council Seat as a Republican.  The CFA-1 is a Candidate’s Statement of Organization and Designation of Principal Committee or Exploratory Committee.  The 1st District City Council seat is currently held by Tom Smith, who was first elected in 1999.

At this point, that’s the only official announcements AFW is aware of.  I’m sure more will come as the week develops.  Also, look for some reports on Wednesday as more candidates and current office holders make their intentions known.

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