Breaking: Redevelopment Cancelled; GREAT news just ’round the bend…

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The Redevelopment Commission meetings for this afternoon have been cancelled.

Discussion was to have coalesced around the sole topic of, “The Harrison”.  The Harrison is the name given to the mixed use building to be built on the Jefferson Boulevard/Ewing Street intersection.  This is the last component of the Harrison Square project’s phase I.

The reason for the cancellation, you ask?

I spoke with Greg Leatherman, Redevelopment Executive Director, earlier this afternoon. He said the reason for the cancellation is that they were still waiting on some signatures for some of the paperwork.  They want to present a neatly tied together, completed package to the Commission for approval, with every ‘i’ dotted and ‘t’ crossed.  It would not have been possible to do that this afternoon.

But – and this is the really GREAT part – the lead bank for the financing is in place.  As long as some conditions are met, which shouldn’t be a problem, the financing for the project is all but a done deal.

Leatherman was not able to go into more details at this point and understandably so.  It sounds like things are finally coming together for completion of phase I.  Stay tuned as the meeting could be rescheduled as early as next week.

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  1. The saga continues!! Anybody want to bet that the bank will require a down payment from some as-yet-not-named fund???? City Light Lease Fund???? Just get some $$$$’s from those taking all the Parkview Field profit to Atlanta, GA!!


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