Trailways Board elects Tom Bazow

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Trailways Board Elects Tom Bazow

(Fairfax, VA – November 7, 2010) – Trailways Transportation System, Inc. (Trailways) Board of Directors has elected Tom Bazow, President/CEO of Excursions Trailways (IN and OH) to a midterm replacement position that continues through 2011.

Originally an educator, Bazow has learned the motorcoach industry from the wheel up. In his teaching days, he was employed as a part-time driver. He and Pat O’Brien, another driver for the same company, decided to launch their own venture in Year 2000.

“We started our company because we saw the need for better service and professional operators. We began with one full-sized coach,” he recalled, “and people who knew our dedication to the industry were willing to come with us. So we grew with our established customers from there.”

Excursions Trailways has continued to grow to its present fleet of 13 coaches and 55 part and full-time employees and has locations in Ft. Wayne, IN and Ottawa, OH. Excursions became affiliated with Team Trailways in 2005; the company continues to expand its core charter business today with universities, schools, seniors, and other clients. Trailways’ respected brand of over seven decades and the member requirement for U.S. Department of Defense safety ratings has brought the company additional business opportunities, Bazow added.

“Trailways has given us great branding because the name is well recognized. We also enjoy the networking with other operators across the continent that being a part of the team brings to us – for both road help and business building.”

Bazow said he looks forward to working with the Trailways Board on such issues as expanding Trailways brand recognition even more, and the problem of competitors who drop prices at the expense of safety and maintenance to lure customers.


About Trailways Transportation System, Inc: Established in 1936 as North America’s first alliance group supporting and promoting the value of independent bus and coach operations, Trailways continues to expand its transport and travel services throughout the continent and Europe; the Team Trailways network provides schedule-route, charter-and-tour transportation, school bus, transit, commuter and a variety of related travel services that include air, rail, and cruise ship connections.

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