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Judge Kenneth Scheibenberger at a candidate forum earlier this month.

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Judge Kenneth Scheibenberger: Five reasons to reelect this man of the people

By Dan Jehl

On November 2, voters will decide who wins several important leadership positions. On this Election Day, one of the key contests involves Allen County Superior Court Judge Kenneth Scheibenberger. His fate for reelection for a six-year term is in the hands of the people. He decides on literally hundreds of legal cases each year which affect the accused, their families and the community.

Here are five reasons to support him and reelect him.

Reason Number One: Judge Ken Scheibenberger is the most qualified of the three candidates seeking this judgeship.

Scheibenberger has 34 years of full-time criminal justice experience, literally years more than his competitors. As an attorney, he served in private practice, 14 years as a public defender, and then approximately 19 years as a judge.

Reason Number Two: Scheibenberger is a great Judge.

In sentencing guilty criminals, this judge is not reluctant to impose tough sentences. He deals with criminal cases, including non-violent drug crimes, domestic abuse cases, thefts, and other criminal felony cases. He enforces punishment on the guilty and many are double-digit year terms of confinement. Yet, he does more than this in his sentencing.

His judicial philosophy has been: “Prison is for persons that we are afraid of, not persons that we are just mad at,” according to his reelection website.

Reason Number Three: Scheibenberger’s sentencing tries to help the people-all the people-and stop the proverbial “revolving door” in-and-out-and back again criminal syndrome. His sentencing may include confinement and rehabilitation and community service, depending on each case.

“Rehab can be the most important part of the job if we want to avoid a revolving door,” Scheibenberger said to this writer.

When asked why the public should reelect him, Scheibenberger consistently says: “I have a proven record of toughness with the people we should fear and rehabilitation for the people we should help.”

Reason Number Four: Scheibenberger cares.

His sentencing philosophy is prudent, reasonable, strict, and caring for all the people, including the accused, the victims and the public.

That’s why Scheibenberger became a lawyer and judge. “I became a lawyer to help people,” he said in a recent interview with this writer. “I thought this was the best way to have an impact on helping people.”

Scheibenberger cares about all the people. His campaigning has included virtually all Allen County parades in recent history, plus the annual Labor Day Picnic at Headwaters Park in Fort Wayne, Latino Fest and Viva Fort Wayne at Headwaters Park, and other events.

Reason Number Five: The people deserve judges like Scheibenberger.

People raise families, work, school, volunteer, and much more. People earn to be safe living in any community. People have earned and deserve the best-that’s Judge Scheibebnberger. Here’s an example.

On the wall of his office, there is a plaque from the Stop Addiction Foundation. Scheibenberger sentenced confinement and rehab for a person, who years later said, as inscribed on the plaque: “You were my inspiration. You saved my life.”

This helped this accused person and also the people in the community to know today the community is a bit safer since this person is no longer in the “revolving door” and in fact is giving back to the community.

And his proudest achievement? “I am most proud of the Drug Court.”

This is an innovative concept in criminal justice which stresses both punishment and rehabilitation for offenders. There have been inquiries from around the nation interested in “adopting” this idea. This was the brainchild of both the Judge and Allen County Prosecutor Robert Gevers.

The Bottom Line Decision is Coming on November 2.

It’s up to the voters. Judge Kenneth Scheibenberger has earned voter and community support for all the people and for all he does.

Note: When voting early or on November 2, the judgeships are non-partisan. They are not listed as Republican or Democrat by political party. Voters need to move through the ballot to find it, and it’s there.

Visit the official Judge Kenneth Scheibenberger campaign website

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  1. I am proud to know Judge Scheibenberger. I have watched him in his courtroom as he deals with the people who come before him. He treats them courteously, from start to finish, whether they are guilty or innocent.

    One of the opponents for the Judge claims to be pro law-enforcement. Law enforcement has a role to play in any criminal case, however, if a wannabe Judge is already “pro law-enforcement”, how would that Judge be able to maintain the non-bias which is so important for the courts. As you vote, please remember Lady Justice is blindfolded. This symbolism is for a specific purpose — a court is one of the checks and balances put into our legal system by our forefathers. If Lady Justice were to remove her blindfold and become biased in a court of law what would happen to our right to a fair and impartial trial by a jury of our peers?

    On election day, please remember, our forefathers wanted to insure we had an unbiased judicial system we have a Judge now who is fair and impartial. Please, cast your vote for Judge Scheibenberger on Nov 2.


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