Sunday Interview Series: Jack Morris and Tom Wyss

Democratic challenger Jack Morris and incumbent Repbulican State Senator Tom Wyss.

I’m running a little late – a slow internet connection meant about the entire day was spent uploading the video clips.  My apologies.

This week, we look at the Indiana State Senate race for District 15.  Republican incumbent Tom Wyss faces Democratic challenger Jack Morris.  In the case of the latter, we had to cut short our interview due to a tight schedule on both our parts.  Hopefully, we’ll find some time this week to finish the interview.  I had two topics left to discuss with Jack.  In the case of the former, I didn’t cover all the topics with Senator Wyss, but I feel what was captured is a good representation of the Senator’s campaign.  The goal is to have the time for both interviews be equal and thus far, Wyss was ahead by many minutes.

We talked about a variety of issues including: each candidate’s background and the Senator’s legislative accomplishments and both candidate’s views on education, the economy, writing property tax caps into the State Constitution, gaming and casinos.

Democratic challenger, Jack Morris

Interview - official campaign website

Republican incumbent, Tom Wyss

Interview - official campaign website

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