Allen County Board of Commissioners Seal

The Allen County Redevelopment Commission meets Tuesday, October 12, 2010.

Notice of the meeting:

Public Notice

The Allen County Redevelopment Commission’s regular meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 12, 2010, at 1:30 p.m. in Room 200 in the City-County Building (Commissioners Courtroom). The following items will be on the agenda:

  1. Approval of the minutes for the September 14, 2010 meeting;
  2. Review of financial reports for September 2010;
  3. Consideration of transfer of remainder of Huguenard TIF funds to Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission under 2006 agreement.
    a. Huguenard Road EDA: $176,734.86 (339-3701-463.39-46)
    b. Huguenard II: $177,863.73 (332-3701-463.39-46)
  4. Consideration of claims:
    a. Wells Fargo – Nestle II Bond Payment – $118,383.75 (403-3701-463.38-36);
    b. Wells Fargo – GM 2005A Bond Payment – $315,881.25 (408-3701-470.38-54);
    c. Wells Fargo – GM 2005B Bond Payment – $117,093.75 (406-3701-470.38-51)
  5. Other Business.


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