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Press release from the Tom Hayhurst for Congress campaign:

(September 3, 2010) – Tom Hayhurst, 3rd district candidate for Congress held a press conference today and offered a response to remarks by Marlin Stutzman at a recent campaign event hosted by the Goshen Rotary Club where Stutzman denounced federal farm subsidies while having accepted nearly $1,000,000 worth since 1997.

“I wholeheartedly disagree with Marlin Stutzman. In many areas of Indiana, Hoosier farmers are the backbone of their community and some desperately need help. It appears after Mr. Stutzman’s 4th run for office in less than 3 years, he is becoming a typical politician, saying one thing and doing another while forgetting about working men and women,” said Hayhurst.

At the event Stutzman stated, “I think it’s time to get rid of farm subsidies,” and “the subsidies only manipulate the market “while proceeding to suggest we need to decrease Medicare and Medicaid access for seniors in Indiana.

“I believe, if he really is against subsidies, that Marlin Stutzman should return all federal subsidies he received to taxpayers or donate them to a local church or charity. All too often we have politicians saying one thing and doing another; it’s time state senator Marlin Stutzman is held accountable for his words,” said Hayhurst.






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