Jack Morris invites Tom Wyss to series of debates

Jack Morris for State Senate campaign sign.

Press release from the Jack Morris for Indiana Senate campaign:

Jack Morris invites Tom Wyss to series of debates

(August 19, 2010) – District 15 State Senate candidate Jack Morris (D-Fort Wayne) announced this week that he has sent an invitation to State Senator Tom Wyss (R-Fort Wayne) to debate the pressing issues currently facing Indiana. The invitation was sent 30 days ago with no response from Tom Wyss.

In his letter, Morris stressed the need for substantive policy debates, “considering the critical state of our economy, schools, and unemployment”. Morris has also requested Wyss join him in a joint effort in setting the topics and location of the debate. “In order for these debates to be informative and worthwhile to the public, I feel it is necessary to work with Senator Wyss in setting the agenda from the very beginning”, said Morris.

“Tom and I have a chance to change the tone in politics. I see no reason why we should deprive the voters of what they deserve”, said Morris. Morris was unopposed in the primaries and will face 25-year incumbent Tom Wyss in the November elections.

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