Hayhurst continues to demonstrate strength through fundraising

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Press release from the Tom Hayhurst for Congress campaign:

Hayhurst continues to demonstrate strength through fundraising

(July 14, 2010) – Dr. Tom Hayhurst, Democratic candidate for Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District boosted the momentum of his campaign with the release of recent fundraising totals. He added more than $150,000 to his campaign coffer during the successful second quarter of 2010. Hayhurst has raised over $435,000 since filing to run for office and ends this period with nearly $280,000 cash on hand.

“Each of these contributions symbolizes a commitment by the voters of the 3rd District to better representation in Congress,” said Hayhurst. The 3rd District deserves an Independent voice, someone willing to stand up to both parties in Washington and fight for Hoosier jobs,” said Hayhurst. “These amazing numbers put us in a strong position for the tough months to come. We are building a strong foundation for a winning campaign, remarked Hayhurst.”

Hayhurst is a former Major in the United States Air Force and has served the Fort Wayne area for over 30 years as a critical-care physician, now for the most part these days, on a volunteer basis. A lifelong 3rd District resident with a passion for public service, Hayhurst co-founded Veterans for Better Health Care, Wolf Lake Free Health Clinic, and Northeast Indiana Passenger Rail Association.

“I’m running for Congress because so many folks here at home have expressed their concerns about the quality of representation we have in Washington,” remarked Hayhurst. “My whole life has been about serving the people of northeast Indiana. I grew up here, raised my family here, and I know that we deserve effective representation. People are tired of the partisan games in Washington and so am I. I’m running for Congress because, if we don’t change Washington now, we never will,” said Hayhurst.


  1. Today’s JG listed contributions for the last 3 months (April,May & June) for both Hayhurst & Stutzman:
    Hayhurst’s total was $107,500 of which $67,500 was from the 3rd or 63%
    Stutzman’s total (only 17 days of the period was he the candidate) was $41,367 of which $38,800 was from the 3rd or 94%

  2. Mr. Kalb,
    Just exactly what is your point here? According to federal election laws all Congressional candidates must file reports with the FEC with regard to campaign contributions on a regular basis. These reports are available to the public. Are you in any way suggesting that the residents of the 3rd district are so stupid that they wouldn’t inquire as to who might be contributing to the campaigns of their future congressman? Makes you wanna go Hmmmmmmm.


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