Borror: Indiana Achieves Nation’s 3rd-Highest Census Return Rate

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Indiana Achieves Nation’s 3rd-Highest Census Return Rate
Door-to-door phase will continue until July — Beware of potential scams

Many of you have participated in the 2010 Census by returning your census form in the mail. I want to thank all those who participated, as the mail-in phase is now complete. By working together, Indiana has been able to achieve a 78% return rate, considerably higher than the national rate of 72%. In fact, the Hoosier return rate was third-highest in the country. This is an improvement over the 76% rate we achieved in 2000.

The Census Bureau is starting door-to-door phase of the population count, a process that will continue through July 10. If you were unable to return a census form by mail, you may receive a visit from a census worker at your home or apartment. Our goal is 100% participation in Indiana and your cooperation over the next several weeks is certainly appreciated.

Door-to-door census counts “by the numbers”:

957 million – Approximate number of total miles census takers will travel to obtain responses during door- to-door follow-up. This includes having to make up to three in-person visits if people are not at home.

48 million – Approximate number of housing units in door-to-door follow-up. This includes people who did not receive a form at their household. This could be due to the Bureau not having an address for the the physical location a residence, or a newly built home.

635,000 – Approximate number of positions hired for door-to-door follow-up phase in 2010.

72 – The number of years census records are kept confidential before being released for genealogical research.

15 – The minimum age of household members who can fill out the census questionnaire or respond to a census taker at the door.

6 – Maximum number of contacts with a household — three in person and three by phone — to obtain a complete census response.

For life – The length of time a census worker is sworn to protect the confidentiality of census information.

5 and $250,000 – The maximum number of years in prison and the maximum amount of the fine for a census worker who reveals personally identifiable information.

Be Wary of Potential Scams

Be mindful that criminals can use this opportunity to scam folks. In one common type of scam, an individual identifying themselves as Census worker comes to your door asks for payment for your participation in the Census. Please remember:  a Census worker will never ask for money and you are not required to pay anything to participate in the Census.

If you feel that the individual at your door may not be a US Census worker, ask to see his or her official government badge, complete with name and a Department of Commerce watermark. You should also ask for a second picture ID for confirmation. If you’re still not sure, there are phone numbers on the Census Web site to call to ensure that the visit is legitimate.

Most importantly, if you’re suspicious or don’t feel safe, close the door and call the Census Bureau to determine if the visit was fraudulent or not.

The Census Bureau will never:

  • Ask for your full social security number
  • Ask for money or a donation
  • Send requests on behalf of a political party
  • Request PIN codes, passwords or similar access information for credit cards, banks or other financial accounts.

If you have any questions about the 2010 Census, please feel free to contact me at

Rep. Randy Borror

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