Camera and Advertising update

One of the Olympus new Pen cameras.

Back in March, I posted about needing a new camera.

At that point, I hadn’t selected a camera. After checking out several models, I’ve decided on one of the new Olympus Pen cameras. The cameras start at around $550-600.  I like this camera because it shoots HD Video, is an Olympus which means I can use my existing lenses with it (although I may need to purchase an adapter – I’m not clear on this) and has capabilities to add an external microphone which would be really nice!

As of today, I have raised $100 toward the purchase of the new camera.  Any amount you would wish to donate would be welcomed!

If you have enjoyed the blog and the video clips I’ve provided thus far, why not take a moment and help out?  You can donate via PayPal, check the link in the left-hand column, or contact me to send a check or make arrangements for a cash donation.  Unfortunately, I’m not a non-profit organization, so your donations won’t be tax-deductible.

I will, if those donating to the project wish, put a list on the website of those who helped out.


Later today, I will be sending an email which will contain information about advertising on the blog.  I have had several ask me about this and have finally put in writing a program which I think will be worthwhile.  If you do not receive an email from me regarding this by the end of today, feel free to let me know of your interest and I will send you a copy immediately.  I will say here that options begin at $25 for 83 days of advertising (yes, there is a method to my madness) or about 30 cents per day.  Yesterday, this blog saw 1,966 visitors.  That’s quite a bit of exposure for only 30 cents!

As usual, I appreciate your following this blog and hope you continue to enjoy it fully!


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