Open Comments: 3rd District US House race questions

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Today’s topic looks toward the General Election in November between Republican Incumbent Mark Souder and second-time challenger Tom Hayhurst.  If you could ask both candidates a question, what would that question be?  While this is the focus, other comments related to the race from what you view the main issues to be or eve which candidate you prefer – and why, will be accepted.

Have at it!

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  1. I’d ask Hayhurst if he’ll committ to limiting the terms he’ll serve – and how many. For Souder, give him a chance to rebutt that whole argument that’s drug out evry election.

    Souder’s not done a bad job, at least he’s not had a scandal or affair and he’s represented us pretty well. May not always agree with him, but at least we know what to expect.

  2. Why must term limits be drug out every single Souder election? Let it go, people!

    If you really want to be worried about something, why not worry about Hayhurst’s bleeding heart for illegal immigrants and taking my health care away from me?


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