Harrison Square in the past and this morning

A progression of photos taken over the last 5 years or so showing the Harrison Square project area.

I tried to use photos from roughly the same date each year, however, that proved a bit difficult.  Demolition in the area did not begin in earnest until July of 2007.  Note especially the 2008-2010 photos and how quickly the project took shape, especially between 2008 and 2009.  Of course, the biggest addition to the 2010 photo is the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel which has assumed it’s full shape, but is still undergoing exterior façade construction.

These were taken from the Lincoln Tower Observation Deck and I’ll post more taken today later this week, or on the weekend.


  1. Other Captions : “How To Squander Over $50 Million In Tax Revenue” or “How To Use Tax Revenues To Triple The Value Of An Atlanta-Based Corporation” or “How To Create A Priceless Boondoggle At Taxpayers Expense”

  2. My God John, do you ever give it a rest? If you harbor resentment for everything in life like you have this project, you’ll soon be visiting the local stroke ward. It’s built! It’s done! Move on! Sheesh

  3. Rusty – It will not be paid for for over 25 years! It may be built, but it sure isn’t done yet!!! And, No I Will Not Give “IT” a rest – and my chance of a stroke is very low accoprding to my doctor, thank you for asking.

    • Thank YOU Justin! I appreciate it.

      John is entitled to his opinion. I know there’s one thing I can count on when posting anything Harrison Square-related items: John will be there to remind me of the opposition this project has seen.

      Thanks for ALL the comments!


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