Troyer Continues to Draw Attention from National Media on Issues

Phil Troyer for Congress, official campagin photo.

Statement from Phil Troyer, Republican candidate in the 2010 primary for the 3rd District Congressional seat:

Troyer Continues to Draw Attention from National Media on Issues

Phil Troyer, Republican candidate for Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District, once again received recognition from the national media for the “Compact with the American People” he developed with fellow congressional challenger, Liz Lauber (R-MO). In an editorial entitled “A New Contract with America,” The Washington Times claims the “specific legislative proposals” proposed by Troyer and Lauber “embody fundamental principles” and serve as an alternative to “the same bland generalities and empty promises” of current elected officials.

Troyer, who has previously been cited in a piece drafted by Adam Clymer, former Chief Washington Correspondent for the New York Times, for The Daily Beast and in a separate article in the Huffington Post, said he was proud of the attention the Compact was bringing to the race and believes his concentration on issues – not campaign dollars – distinguishes him from his opponents.

“Congressman Souder recently stated that – if he is re-elected – this would probably be his last term,” noted Troyer. “Bob Thomas admitted he did not have any issue statements prepared when he entered the race – even though he claims to have been thinking about moving up from Indianapolis to run for the seat for several years. Both will have plenty of money to run slick television ads, but neither has cited any reforms they intent to fight for if elected.”

“In this election, I believe voters will be looking for candidates who are committed to make a difference in Washington,” said Troyer. “I did not file my candidacy to take a victory lap or to buy an impressive title. I entered this race because I believe we need serious leadership to enact the types of fundamental reforms voters our demanding from Congress. The ‘Compact with the American People’ is my pledge to the voters that I will work hard to address the issues most important to them.”

A copy of the “Compact with the American People” can be found here, and click here for The Washington Times editorial.

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  1. Liz Lauber and Phil Troyer are making a fine start with their “Class of 2010 Compact with America,” and I applaude them for it. If implemented, their ideas will make great strides toward correcting our problems. I hope they are elected and stick to their guns. Being in Congress seems to be a corrupting influence; I hope they can avoid being infected.

    Stanley Goosemyer is rightly concerned about unemployment, inflation, and our outrageous Federal deficits. A flat tax, or a “fair” tax, if low enough, could go a long way toward improving the unemployment situation. Reductions in spending could help with the other two items. However, to really solve them, we need to phase out all so called “entitlements.” We’ll never get our finances in order until we do. We Americans are entitled to an opportunity to prosper; we are NOT entitled to hand outs.

    Mr. Goosemyer is also appropriately concerned about the Islamic jihad being waged against America. I view it as one war which we are currently fighting on at least two fronts. In addition, we have many enemies who are growing in strength. Therefore, a strong national defense is imperative.

    These two areas of concern (America’s financial health and America’s strong ability to defend inself) are important. In fact getting them both right is the key to our being able to continue to govern ourselves. If we “blow” either of them (and we’re not doing well with either at the moment), we’ll soon find an 800 pound gorilla in the room doing it for us.

    I’d like to see the “Compact” expanded to include phasing out entitlements and giving greater strength to defense, but it DOES make an excellent start in a good direction just as it’s written.

    Raynor James


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