Co-location public hearing today – 1/29/2010

The City-County Space Utilization Task Force meets today at 11:30 am in the Omni Room on the second floor of the City County Building.

The task force will do nothing but listen to the public weigh in on the issue.

The last opportunity afforded to the public was in October of last year.  At that point, only two or three persons attended and spoke, including City Councilman Tom Smith.  At that point, however, there was not a task force, simply the working group that put together the initial recommendations/studies.

When the matter of purchase of the Renaissance Square building, or 200 E Berry Street came before the City Council last year, a public hearing was held on August 25, 2010.  At that meeting, 33 citizens spoke with the following tally:  9 opposed, 1 undecided (although he sounded more opposed), 1 not really in favor or against and 22 in favor.  You can read the blow-by-blow here.

It should be an interesting meeting and I will be attending and blogging live.

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