ARCH: Frank Lloyd Wright lecture – 1/28/2010

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Frank Lloyd Wright: A Hidden Geometry

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ARCH announces the first of the 2010 Fun and Free Lectures: “Frank Lloyd Wright: A Hidden Geometry,” on Thursday, January 28th, 7pm, at the Aboite Branch, Allen County Public Library. Focusing on Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian homes, and Fort Wayne’s Haynes house in particular, the talk describes how a hidden geometry generates the “magic” of his designs.  Comparisons with a few great buildings from the past will show how Wright’s unique designs followed from a radically new design method. Presented by John H. Shoaff, AIA.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I hadn’t heard about this lecture and schedule permitting anticipate on attending. I am a huge Frank Lloyd Wright and to this day find his work astonishing. I hope this lecture inspires Fort Wayne home builders to think outside of the box, rather then creating the current cookie cutter homes.


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