Parkview’s “No One Dies Alone” program making a positive difference

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Press release from Parkview Hospital:

Parkview’s “No One Dies Alone” program making a positive difference

(December 22, 2009) Parkview Hospital officials today presented an update on a program that is making a positive difference. The “No One Dies Alone” program, which started in December 2008, helps ensure that a patient who is actively dying has someone with them to help provide peace and comfort.

Trained volunteers are present with patients who do not have family members at their bedside when they are actively dying. The volunteer is able to hold the patient’s hand, play music on a compact disc player, read to the patient, or simply be present during this time.

Parkview today highlighted the efforts of volunteers for their service to “No One Dies Alone.”

“We have been so pleased with the outpouring of support and participation from the community,” said Ann Lantz, director of chaplaincy services, Parkview Hospital. “We are committed to providing excellent patient care. This program demonstrates the importance of compassion and respect for those in our care.”

Prior to “No One Dies Alone,” on average, two to three patients died each month at Parkview Hospital without family or friends with them.

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