Troyer embarrassed by Souder’s comments

Phil Troyer for Congress, official campagin photo.

Press release from Phil Troyer who is running against US Congressman Mark Souder in the upcoming 2010 Primary:

Troyer Embarrassed by Souder’s Comments

Third District Republican candidate Phil Troyer stated he was “embarrassed” by comments made by Congressman Mark Souder regarding President Obama’s decision to send 30,000 American troops into Afghanistan.

“According to the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, Congressman Souder referred to the President’s speech as ‘ridiculous,'” Troyer noted. “Then this morning, on WOWO radio, he called the President’s plan ‘stupid.’ The decision to send American troops into harm’s way is a serious matter. What is a 19-year old American soldier scheduled to be deployed to Afghanistan supposed to think when a U.S. Congressman refers to his mission as ‘ridiculous’ and ‘stupid’?”

“I have disagreed with almost every decision President Obama has made since he was sworn into office,” Troyer said. “However, if I were a Member of Congress, I would have enough respect for his office and my own position to avoid making those types of crass comments – especially when it related to the deployment of American troops overseas.”

“I would usually never refer voters to the 10-minutes of free airtime WOWO provides Congressman Souder each week,” Troyer remarked. “But I would encourage voters in the 3rd Congressional District to go to WOWO’s website, listen to the podcast of Congressman Souder’s remarks this morning, and then ask themselves two questions – Is this how you want to be represented in our nation’s Capitol and do you believe anyone in Congress really takes him seriously?”

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  1. Oh save me.

    If Troyer’s going to play this game of trashing his opponent instead of telling us his “substantive” positions on the issues of the day, I’m not coming back to this. To-date, all Troyer has done is trash Souder. Where’s he on the issues? What hasn’t he actually came out with something about where he stands? Easy answer.

    Take the low road. It’s easier to trash your opponent. Neophytes in the political arena don’t get it, and apparently, neither does Troyer.

    Troyer states, “I would have enough respect for his office [Obama] and my own position to avoid making those types of crass comments – especially when it related to the deployment of American troops overseas.”

    Troyer’s contention is that Souder was calling our fighting men and woman’s mission over there stupid? That’s not what Souder said at all. Troyer’s lining himself up to become one of the member’s of the liar’s club. I’ll have a post on this on my blog later.

    We have enough namby-pamby politician’s in Washington now, we sure don’t need another. Don’t you find it odd that Troyer hasn’t came out and bashed Mike Pence or Dan Burton for their similar positions? Of course he hasn’t. He’s a liar.

    The fact is, Obama’s move was “stupid,” and those that are calling it out for that are correct, including Mark Souder. Let’s just tell the enemy what we’re planning to do, to make their job easier. That’s the point Mr. Souder was driving home, and it sticks.

    Sorry Mr. Troyer, stupid is looking right back at you.

  2. This is what distresses me. This type of behavior is what has moved me away from party politics. Please, will someone, anyone, come forward and tell me how their leadership and ideas will help restore our economy and restore the stature of our country. Please leave the trash talk to the experts in the NBA or NFL.
    I don’t know Mr. Troyer – I hope there’s more than this. I’m going to have to see or hear something of substance from him (or his handlers or consultants) before I view him favorably or open my checkbook to offer support.
    While I may tire of some of Mr. Souder’s positions, at this point, I’ll stick with Mr. Souder.

  3. Souder’s comments on WOWO were incomprehensible. A favorite of mine: “India and Pakistan nearly had a nuclear war and we didn’t even know they had nuclear weapons.”

    There is a reason that Mike Pence is offering opinions on NBC, FOX and CNBC and Mr. Souder is left with WOWO. Souder should stick to medical marijuana, teaching intelligent design, putting Reagan on the dime, gun control laws for DC, steroids in baseball, etc. They aren’t the burning issues of our time but they are where he has focused his attention for the last decade and he can address them somewhat intelligently.

  4. Left with WOWO? The hard working folks on the farmer, at the office, and in the factory can listen to Rep. Souder on WOWO and decide for themselves weather or not they agree with his opinions. I can’t speak for voters in the 6th, but I’ll bet that next May, 60%+ of Republican voters here in the 3rd won’t care that Mark doesn’t get asked to offer his opinion on NBC, FOX or CNBC.

  5. Just what did Souder mean by his comment about the USA not knowing that India and Pakistan had nuclear weapons? Checking back, India’s first nuclear test was on May 18,1974 and was reported in the US media. Pakistan’s first nuclear test was held on May 28, 1988 and was preceded by a test in India on May 11, 1988. Between the India test in 1988 and the one in Pakistan, President Bill Clinton communicated with the Pakistan Prime Minister Shariff asking that they preclude the tit-for-tat responce. Clinton’s last 25 minute conversation was on the evening of May 27, 1988 but he was not able to convince Shariff to call a halt to the test.

    All of this was reported in our media at that time – so, exactly what was Souder refering to in his comment on WOWO?

    Many in our 6th district agree with Mark’s comments above – Souder is no expert on (or at least is not knowledgeable about) many of the affairs he tends to spout-off about on WOWO. Plus, he is not a fiscal conservative, but a Big Government Republican! Can you say Wall Street Bail-out, Big-Three Bail-out, Earmark give-aways,RX Coverage for Medicare, voting for “single-payer” health system for the states in the Ed & Labor Committee, et al.

    We cannot afford to return Souder to the House! And we sure don’t want to have to vote for an ultra-liberal like Hayhurst, just to send Souder back to Grabill.

  6. At the time Pakistan detonated their nuclear weapon US intell did not know they were ready to do so. Similar for India. This all came around the time of Kashimir peak conflict. Those of you who don’t know history should not criticize others. Mike Pence does a terrific job on television. That’s why we elected him our conference chair to represent us. That’s why he is on national TV. I do not choose to raise the money necessary to be any part of leadership. Furthermore because I nominated Shadegg to oppose Boehner, and was one of 23 or so to support Pence when he challenged Boehner, I am not exactly a favorite. You guys are picking on the wrong person.

  7. I don’t know if the real Congressman is visiting us or not. But the response sounds like the Congressman- no acceptance of responsibility and petulant carping at others.

    The assertion that “India and Pakistan nearly had a nuclear war and we didn’t even know they had nuclear weapons” is wrong. Foolishly, wildly, embarassingly, “F” on your eighth grade history quiz, wrong. And there is no context in the Congressman’s WOWO commentary to make the assertion less wrong.

    India tested a nuclear weapon in 1974. Pretty much everybody figured out that meant they had nuclear weapons. Pakistan didn’t test a weapon (which is typically a pre-requisite to participating in a nuclear war) until 1998, 24 years later. Pakistan publicly declared it’s nuclear technology capability in 1992 and in 1988 Pakistan and India agreed not to bomb each other’s nuclear facilities- real hints that something nuclear is going on.

    The Clinton administration spent most of the ’90s trying to beg, cajole, bribe and persuade Pakistan to not complete it’s widely-known efforts to develop nuclear weapons . And 1998 is memorable in the Kashimir conflict precisely (and pretty much only) because of dueling underground nuke tests by India and Pakistan, not because of any increase in the conflict that almost ended in a nuclear war where the US was caught unaware that the would-be combatants even had nuclear weapons.

    But if the reponse is really by Congressman Souder, it is typical. No willingness to say “I mispoke” or “My comments were a little confusing, but here is the point I was trying to make”. Instead, those who disagree with his obviously silly assertion “don’t know history”.

    The constant bluster and hyperbole of Congressman Souder is why I often find his comments embarassing. He’s spent his time becoming an expert on a host of issues near and dear to his heart (medical marijuana, gay marriage, national parks funding, steroid use in baseball, reagan on the dime, teaching intelligent design in schools, etc.) and largely ignoring the huge growth in government, the deficit, out of control spending and the issues that are foremost today. But he still blusters even when he is well outside his comfort zone.

    But hey, how about billions more for another round of “cash for clunkers”?

    • Mark – I have confirmed this comment was from Representative Souder. I wasn’t sure either, but did verify it before I approved it.

      I receive a lot of grief over the way I handle comments, but I try to handle them as fairly as possible.


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