Two-way Calhoun Street to open late Tuesday morning

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Press release from the City of Fort Wayne:

Two-way Calhoun Street to open late Tuesday morning
Construction finishing today, two-way traffic to start around 11:30 am

Calhoun Street between Berry Street and Washington Boulevard is scheduled to reopen to two-way traffic between 11:30 and noon Tuesday.

The contractor is adding pavement markings today.

Started in August, the project included the addition of delivery lanes in both blocks, a southbound travel lane, turn lanes at the intersections and 45 4-inch caliber trees approximately 20-foot tall in shared soil vaults for improved tree health and lifespan. The design widened the useable sidewalks on both sides of the street. The project will also improve access to Calhoun Street south of downtown.

City Council in 2006 approved plans to convert the one-way section of Calhoun Street to two-way traffic after a study found a need for improved traffic circulation following the closure of Harrison Street for the Grand Wayne Center expansion and Webster Street in front of the expanded Allen County Public Library earlier this decade.

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  1. OK when do the accolades start about how easy downtown is to navigate now that they ripped out that street, trees, curb appeal? Let me hear it.

    Taking bets on how long it takes for King Henry to hire another consultant to tell us that Calhoun needs to be one way in that area, with curb side dining and lots of trees.


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