Communications Budget and 9-1-1 Consolidation

2010 City Civil Budget

Tonight, the Fort Wayne City Council takes up the Communications Budget during the continued 2010 budget hearings.

If you remember, Councilman Tim Pape motioned last year to strike the entire Communications budget in hopes of forcing the City and County to move toward consolidation of 9-1-1 services.  It was what he called at the time, an “absurd proposal”.  In the September 23, 2009 City Council meeting, Councilman Pape once again talked about the consolidation issue and reminded the Council that he would probably be moving to cut the budget this year if the deal had not been completed.

One of the things that has changed in this issue is of course the suspension of City Communications Director Tina Taviano.  One wonders if the question of what’s going on will come up in discussions.

I spoke with Allen County Commissioner Nelson Peters back on September 29, 2009 about a variety of topics.  One of those items discussed was 9-1-1 Consolidation.  At that time, Commissioner Peters stated they were, “real close” to a solution.  I know they had a meeting later that afternoon to discuss the issue and that the plan was to be rolled out to County officials to get everyone on board.  But the indication that day was that the solution was right around the corner.

This past week, there have been meetings with City officials to discuss the proposal.  Something may be hinted at at the table, then again, it may not be.  It will, as always, be interesting to see how this plays out.

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