Hayhurst to challenge Souder again in 2010

The local media outlets are abuzz with the news that former City Councilman Dr. Tom Hayhurst will be challenging Mark Souder again.

If you remember back to 2006, Souder claimed a 54% majority over Hayhurst.  Souder later commented it was the hardest campaign yet.  Frankly, Hayhurst has been the only serious, viable contender Souder has faced.

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  1. I’ll give to the campaign so long as the DCCC promises to attribute as much cash to his campaign as they did Montagano. Hayhurst was screwed when he first ran against Souder. But, then again, Obama had not been elected!

  2. Can’t wait to get started now that it is official with his filing with the FEC. I agree on the DCCC and also add to that the state party. We finally got some help toward the end, but we need it from the beginning.

  3. I am not sure a Democrat can beat Souder in the 3rd congressional district. I think it is going to take Republicans who are fed up with Souder’s ultra-conservative / ineffectiveness in Washington.

    Helmke probably would have been able to do it, except for the fact that he pissed off all of Southwest Allen by the annexation, and therefore lost many votes and donations because of it. That, and I don’t think people were as fed up with Souder then as they are now.


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