Hands off my Health Care Rally – 8/17/2009

Hands off my Health Care Rally

An e-mail from the Patients First group:

The Patients First Hand’s off my Healthcare Bus Tour is coming to Fort Wayne ! The tour has already visited Virginia and North Carolina and you would not BELIEVE the energy and excitement at these rallies! Hundreds of people have come out to show their support for free-market health care solutions, morning, noon and night, and local news media have been all over it.

Now it’s our turn – let’s keep the momentum going! We are setting out across Indiana on a Patients First bus tour starting in Fort Wayne at 9:00 a.m. August 17th at the former K’s Merchandise parking lot, 633 West Coliseum Blvd.

At each stop, we will have a press conference/rally before rolling onto the next city. Everyone will have an opportunity to sign our petition telling the government to keep their Hands off our Healthcare! Look at the list of cities below and see which bus tour stop you will attend!

9:00 am EST
Former Kay’s Merchandise Parking lot
663 W. Coliseum Blvd.
Fort Wayne, Indiana

1:15 pm EST
Precision Transmission ( Lot next to Rep. Donnelly’s office)
902 S Michigan St
South Bend, Indiana

2:30 pm CST
LaPorte County Courthouse
813 Lincolnway
La Porte, Indiana

7:00 pm EST
Foster Park, SW Corner of Superior and Washington Streets
Kokomo, Indiana

The rest of the Indiana bus tour can be seen here.

We need to educate ourselves and our neighbors about this issue. We must send members of Congress, who are coming back to their districts for a recess, a loud and relentless message that government control of our health care is wrong for America . Our opposition is going door to door and making phone calls to convince Americans that nationalized medicine is the answer. We must work harder than they are.

Send an email to everyone you know about the Patients First bus tour. Bring a friend. Bring your signs. Sign the petition. Let’s work together to say loud and clear: “Hands Off My Health Care!” Can’t wait to see you on the road!

If you can’t make it out to a Patients First Bus Tour stop, go online and sign the petition anyway.


  1. Exactly Kevin. We wouldn’t need health care reform if the private market had worked. It failed and now it has to be fixed. I urge all to go to these rally and to the T.E.A. baggers Recess Rally and counter protest. Don’t interupt or disrupt, just have some fun with them. They won’t get it because their humor is removed when they swallow the wingnuts. We all have an obligation to tell the morons that they are, in fact, morons.

  2. Thanks for your comments, David, but, I’m curious. Why are they morons? Why do we have to call names and otherwise disparage people that don’t agree with us, or see eye-to-eye with us? Does this really encourage debate or teamwork toward a solution?


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