Calhoun Street Flyer

Sketch of Calhoun Street widening project, courtesy of the City.

Below is an image which if you click on it, will allow you to download a copy of the flyer.

The flyer announces an effort by citizens to be heard concerning the Calhoun Street widening project.  Check the blog tomorrow, Monday, for information about whether or not the issue will be discussed by the City Council on Tuesday.  I know that Councilmen Tom Smith and one other will be absent during Tuesday’s meeting.  Even if it is on the agenda, I would not expect any action, including discussion, to take place.  The presentation by the City may take place, but again, it’s unclear at this point of what exactly will take place.

Councilman Tom Smith has told me he would encourage and ask for comments to be given by the public before any action is taken by the City Council.  Again, stay tuned and as details become available, I’ll keep you apprised.

Tomorrow on the blog will a guest commentary by Jim Sack on the issue.

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