Upper Maumee Watershed Group

There is a new group forming – the Upper Maumee River Watershed Group.  Their first meeting is June 4th 2009 at 6:30 pm in Antwerp, Ohio.  Full information may be obtained by viewing their brochure, downloadable by clicking the above image.

From the brochure:

The Upper Maumee River Watershed Group will work to preserve the environment, private property and economic resources of the Upper Maumee River Watershed through responsible stewardship, cooperation and education.

The quality of the Maumee River is not only influenced by activities adjacent to the river, but by numerous activities throughout the watershed. As the Upper Maumee Watershed Group develops, opportunities for involvement will include numerous roles throughout the reaches of the watershed. These tasks include:

  • Gathering local knowledge of watershed concerns.
  • Water quality monitoring.
  • Development of a watershed management plan.
  • Identifying sources of financial assistance.
  • Education and outreach to local communities and organizations.
  • Identification and implementation of conservation practices to improve stream quality.

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