Keep Memorial Stadium

Another Letter to the Editor in the Journal Gazette:

[…] Officials need to rethink the decision to demolish it. This a challenge to Fort Wayne and surrounding towns to find a way to save and use this building for future generations.

Has anyone thought of how the city can really benefit from this building? So it isn’t as big or fancy as the new one downtown, but if one really stops to think about it, the stadium can be used for many things that can earn revenue for the city because that seems to be what everyone’s concern is these days – money.

[…] This is a waste of something that could be put to good use instead of building a structure, using it for a while and then building a better one and doing away with the old. Is this what our society is about – just throwing away the old?


  1. Just found your blog, very interesting stuff! I think we could keep the old stadium for some out door concerts. I enjoy concerts at the colisuem but why not some summer out door dates?


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