Wow! That’s gotta be embarrasing!

Ok, so I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve opened the door to the car, slipped behind the wheel and started off not realizing I’d left the gas cap on the roof, or my Pepsi, or newspaper, or many other things.  It’s embarrasing at best. 

I was sitting here about 15 minutes ago when I heard a siren that suddenly stopped by my building.  When I looked out the window, lo and behold, a fire truck had lost one of its hoses which was literally wrapped around the rear wheel of a parked SUV.


One poor fireman was trying to unwedge the hose by himself, but just wasn’t having any luck.

Together, they tried, but just couldn’t budge the hose.

The firemen decided to leave the hose and resume their emergency response.

The street cleared briefly, but some other people came out and checked out the hose wrapped around the rear wheel.

A few minutes later, another fire truck pulls up and out pop several firemen who successfully extracted their hose.

Buck up guys, it could be worse! Like the time they sent me to rinse our plaza down – with a fire hose. You know, you really don’t realize how much pressure is behind one of those things until you crank the water faucet all the way open and try to keep from blasting yourself. In my case, I ended up drenched head to toe and still didn’t manage to get half the dirt cleaned off. But, everyone at work had a great laugh – at my expense.

PS – sorry about the photos. My windows, with the exception of one, do not open more than about 6″. I don’t know if it’s because they’re afraid someone will jump out of them, or throw things out of them, but it’s a nuisance when trying to covertly shoot photographs of entangled firemen out your bathroom window!


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  1. Nice capture. Notice, this is a reserve truck, meaning an older one.

    This is the exact reason why new apparatus are required to have covers on all of the hose beds, including the pre-connected lines, like this one.

    There are stories that are told that claim that people have been seriously injured or killed by this same situation.

    Could you imagine if this was a children’s leg instead of the Tahoe’s tire?….Considering how hard this was stuck.

    • I didn’t say this in the post, but shortly before I heard the siren and truck stop, I did hear a bang. I was wondering about this as I noticed the “Reserve” on the door.

      Yes, it certainly could have been worse. Thankfully, it happened where it did with no one around. I knew Eric would fill us in – thanks, Eric!

  2. Only In Fort Wayne….That is almost as bad as the police officer who locked his keys in the cruiser a couple years back at the bus station downtown five young officers with slim jims bouncing up and down in the hot afternoon sun trying to get the thing unlocked and the buses cant leave, priceless.


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