Tom Didier’s the man!

Fort Wayne City Councilman Tom Didier provided Indiana’s New Center with a story last night.  In the story, he stated he felt the Fort Wayne Police Department Officers were  purposefully slowing down the number of tickets they’re writing in protest of the Departments take-home squad car policy.  The policy asks that officers pay part of their off duty gasoline expenses.

[…] Council member Tom Didier says officers need to set aside hurt feelings and do their jobs.

[…] Didier says, “It’s no different than my job as a sales person, where I have to pay for my own gas, and I…you know, when it was four dollars a gallon, it was tough on the pocketbook, but you know, you still got to go out and do what you’re supposed to do, cause that’s what you’re getting paid for. You know, and I personally think that’s what needs to happen.”

[…] The Patrolman’s Benevolent Association did not return our phone calls seeking comment.

Well guess what, sports fans?  This appeared on the WANE-15 website a short while ago:

Police bring back Click it or Ticket
Annual Memorial Day Mobilization begins May 15

The following has been provided by the Fort Wayne Police Department:

In an effort to decrease the number of fatalities and injuries involving unrestrained occupants on Indiana roadways, Fort Wayne PD and area officers Friday announced their participation in the statewide Click It or Ticket enforcement mobilization. This mobilization will include the Indiana State Police and more than 250 local law enforcement agencies throughout the state.

Indiana’s 2009 Click It or Ticket effort will take place from May 15 – May 31, covering the highly traveled Memorial Day holiday. With an emphasis on urging more motorists to buckle up day and night, officers will be on the look out for unrestrained motorists around the clock.

Coincidence or timing? Seriously, it sounds like this was planned long before the story with Tom aired, but sometimes, you just have to wonder!


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  1. Every job field has its bad apples, but its hard for me to imagine that majority of the officers would be doing this purposely as a retaliation for the gas money.

    Didier’s point about the sales job is way off. Think about it. Some companies do pay for gas for their salesman, and most companies pay for their vehicles. My former job paid for both.

    And the more important part is, a sales position like he is referring to, in most cases, work off of commission.

    Finally, they have been doing the Click it or Ticket campaign surrounding the memorial day weekend for years. I found articles dating back to 2002 mentioning FWPD’s involvement in Click it or Ticket over memorial day weekend.

  2. I had similiar thoughts as well. But I do think something could be going on in the Police Department. Remember, they have a lawsuit about the City not paying overtime for stops they make while in their take-home cars – off the clock. So there could be something to this. This just came out of the blue, so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes.

  3. Eric – I also remember that the “Click it or Ticket” campaign was with the officers getting overtime pay to stage those. Real committment!!!!

  4. Stephen, in regards to the overtime thing with the officers. One thing that i never read in any of the local news sources was that it wasn’t just traffic stops that they were denied overtime for.

    I was told there was actually times where officers were called(paged) into work and then denied overtime. And that is what the lawsuit is about.


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