The Harper request – update

The Fort Wayne City Council

Fort Wayne City Councilman Mitch Harper has spoken twice in Council meetings about the City not providing financial statements to the Council as they have been asking for.  The first requests were made formally during the budget hearings when Deputy Mayor Greg Purcell and Controller Pat Roller were before the Council.  About two months ago, the Council passed an ordinance making it a legal requirement for the Administration to provide these statements on a monthly basis to the Council.

This afternoon, I was sent copies of the statements that had just been delivered to the City Council.  I am not sure if they have received them, depends on how they were delivered.  Once I can verify they’ve had a chance to look at them, I’ll post a copy here.  I think the Council will probably want to be doing some refining, which was expected.  The main thing is, they have the information and according to Deputy Mayor Greg Purcell, this should now become a regular thing.

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