Plane scare over Manhattan

Plane over Manhattan.  Photo is from the Wall Street Journal blog, not property of this blog.

In case you didn’t see this, a low-flying plane accompanied by two figher jets over Manhattan caused some panic/excitement this morning.

From the Wall Street Journal which has some photos and video:

A plane circling Lower Manhattan escorted by two fighter jets is part of a “photo op,” said Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Jim Peters. The event caused some evacuations of office buildings in Lower Manhattan and Jersey City, N.J., on Monday morning.


    • I’m curious why they needed a “photo op”? What was the benefit to taxpayers for this? I don’t have exact figures or even a rough guess, however, to take two fighter jets and one of the official presidential 747’s up in the air like that, you can bet it cost a pretty penny! If that’s the case, please give me the poster now, since I helped pay for the “photo op” and wasn’t notified. HA!

      I did receive an email from a friend of mine in Lower Manhattan, who said the panic in her office was not pretty. She works not too far from the WTC site and said many in the office had to take the day off because of all the feelings and emotion this stunt stirred up. She was actually apologizing for her emotional email to me. I responded to her that I still can’t watch footage of 9-11 without getting emotional, so not to worry. I can’t even begin to imagine.


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