Where’s the hole?

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I’ve received quite a few emails and read a couple of articles/blogs referring to the “hole” in the side of the Embassy Theatre.  This “hole” will allow a walkway to connect the Grand Wayne Center to the future Courtyard by Marriott Hotel via the Embassy Theatre.  Obviously, ground hasn’t been broken for the hotel and financing is still being secured.  But also, obviously, there is no hole as shown by the above photo, taken earlier today.  To date, all that has been done is for the windows to be removed to facilitate removal of debris from inside the Embassy Theatre.  

I spoke with Greg Leatherman, Executive Director of Redevelopment, about the situation earlier today.  I asked if the “hole” is coming soon, or if it will be done closer to the actual construction of the walkway.  He told me that it will be done closer to the construction of the walkway, which won’t be started until long after the hotel construction has been underway.  Analysis was undertaken to determine the most cost-effective way to remove debris from the upper floors.  The resulting decision was to remove the windows which allows for the temporary chute.  There is much debris to be removed from the top five floors in preparation for the installation of the stairwells and elevator equipment as well as future development. 

So, no hole yet.

If you would like to look at the plans for the Walkway renovation, click here to download the pdf file. This is only the plan for the floor concerned with the walkway, but shows placement of the new stairwells and elevators.


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