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Screen capture from ParkIt! website of the home page.          Screen capture from ParkIt! website of the map featuring live parking status of various venues around the downtown area.

…and not in front of your computer, unless it’s to read this blog.  heehee.

In anticipation of Parkview Field’s opening, the Downtown Improvement District has rolled out a new website which features a colorful sharp looking map of the downtown and available parking.  I checked the map several times today and found that it’s certainly not a static map, but rather one that appears to offer real-time information about where to park.  I’ll have more information on this new downtown feature this weekend.

From the website’s front page:

We’ve all been there. You come Downtown on a busy day or night and drive circles around Downtown Fort Wayne looking for the best parking spot. This quest for the perfect spot can sometimes lead to disappointment or even frustration.

When it comes right down to it, everyone looking for the ideal spot is looking for the same things: close parking, safe and FREE. Now Downtown Fort Wayne is incredibly safe, so it’s usually a choice between close and FREE.

Since more and more people are coming to Downtown Fort Wayne, The Downtown Improvement District, our friends from the City, and various other Downtown organizations have come together to bring you this resource to finding the best parking solution on any given day or night.

Now we can’t guarantee you a close spot to where your going, nor can we guarantee something that’s FREE, but we can definitely ease some of the frustration you may have in finding a parking spot Downtown, dispel some myths, and provide overall advice.

While you’re here, check out our Current Parking Conditions map. It’s connected to the DID’s online Downtown Event Calendar and provides an up-to-the-minute view of current Downtown Parking Conditions, ensuring the most accurate information available anywhere.

We hope you find this resource useful. Enjoy!

Thanks to JS for the heads-up!


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