And so it begins…again

From the City:

UPDATE 11:00 AM March 10, 2009

Sand, for public use, is being placed in the parking lot of the old Dimension Ford on West Jefferson Boulevard. There will be bags available. Citizens will need to bring their own shovel to fill the bags. This will be available by noon.

Clay will be placed on Thieme Drive at Berry Street to protect the neighborhood from rising water. This should begin within the hour.


  1. The citizens of Fort Wayne who live in, work in, or own businesses in the flood plains within our fair city, get to rely on SANDBAGS, CLAY and blood sweat and lots of tears – where the joy-seeking, “needing to be entertained” crowd can drink their beer, shoot the bull, and and watch a third-class baseball team practicing so a very few can get to the “big” and make the millions! And you ask,” what’s the connection?


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