Chain Reaction 2 – 3/7/2009

Tomorrow, March 7, 2009, TekVenture will be sponsoring their second annual Chain Reaction 2 at the Allen County Public Library’s Main Branch in downtown Fort Wayne.  Visit their website for complete information.

From the website:

The TekVenture Chain Reaction Challenge is an introduction to TekVenture, a community-built, public art & technology laboratory.  Since TekVenture doesn’t have an official home as yet, the Chain Reaction Challenge was created to help demonstrate a dream for the community.

People of all ages and experiences are invited to create a machine or “Link” in this second-annual community chain reaction.  Work alone or gather a group of friends; build a contraption that fits on one 6-foot table and has an energy input and output that can lift a golf ball 1-inch; and enjoy the fun.  Your contraption will pull the string to start the next contraption.  Then we’ll connect the links together to make one large Chain Reaction!  No fire or dangerous chemistry is allowed.

Click here to visit their website and the Chain Reaction 2 webpage.

Thanks for the tip, Alec!

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