Let the games begin…

Say No To CasiNO website screen capture

The games have begun.  

I was watching one of the newscasts this evening and caught sight of the above website.  Something about this website, however disturbs me: there is nothing identifying the responsible party for the website.  The only contact information given is for elected officials.  I’m going to show my ignorance here, but don’t they need to identify themselves?  Or perhaps not until a referendum is granted by the Indiana General Assembly?  Does anyone know the answer to this?  I don’t think it lends much credence to a movement that won’t identify those responsible for it.  Please note, I’m not saying I’m for or against a casino in Fort Wayne, just wondering what the answer is.

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  1. I’m not as familiar with state rules as the Federal ones, but my understanding is that until there’s a “public issue” to be decided one can’t be trying to influence opinion on that public issue.

    I’m not sure what the mystery is though, the group hasn’t exactly be secretive about their efforts.

  2. Hi Derek,

    The mentions on the local newscasts were the first I’d heard of this group. I guess my point is, just as I want to know who is responsible for the ads I’m seeing during campaign seasons, I want to know who these business and area leaders are. There were a few identified on the newscasts, but I would think they should be identified on their website as well.

    It looks to be an interesting year with this issue!

  3. http://www.networksolutions.com/whois-search/saynotocasino.com

    Perfection Bakeries, Inc
    350 Pearl Street
    Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802
    United States

    Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. )
    Created on: 23-Feb-09
    Expires on: 23-Feb-10
    Last Updated on: 24-Feb-09

    Administrative Contact:
    Van Dyk, Peter support@auntmillies.com
    Perfection Bakeries, Inc
    350 Pearl Street
    Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802
    United States
    (260) 424-8245

  4. Please note — All members of the Say No to Casino Steering Committee were identified with their affiliatios in the Journal Gazette article Saturday morning. They are in process of applying for a 501c3.

    • Thank you, very much! The article is here.

      I just want to point out something. One shouldn’t have to read a newspaper, do a whois search or otherwise dig around for this information. If you’re going to create a website, it should be a part of it.

      Now, you might ask why I feel this is important. What makes it important, is it gives one the ability to put the viewpoint in perspective. If someone is putting forth a viewpoint purely out of moral convictions, that needs to be considered – just as someone’s viewpoint derived solely by looking at the economic impact must also be examined.

      It really will be interesting to see how this plays out.


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