Olds Wagon Works demolition

The Olds Wagon Works currently being demolished.

Olds Wagon Works demolition photo set taken February 8, 2009.
Complete set.

One of the boilers taken out of the Olds Wagon Works which is currently being demolished.

There are two large boilers that have been removed from the building.  One is along Clinton Street, while the other is on the Barr Street side.

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  1. Mr. Parker,
    I’ve really enjoyed looking at your photos of the Olds Wagon Works demolition. As much as I hate to see the old building go, its good to know that there will be some excellent photos around.
    Thank you,
    Dan Baker

    • Hi Dan,

      Thank you for your comments! I do appreciate them. I have photos of almost all the major downtown demolitions of the past few years and in particular those in the Harrison Square area. I am in the midst of redesigning the website, which is why a lot of them are currently not available. In fact, demolitions are the main reason I started the website, which for the first few years did not include a blog. I woke up one day to the changes occurring in the downtown area and thought that somebody needs to document what’s going on. It’s turned into more of an obsession than anything else. The Olds Wagon Works was another of those buildings I really hated to see torn down. Last year, it was the Chaucey-Griffith House at the corner of Clinton Street and Jefferson Boulevard. If the plans had been realized with the Olds Wagon Works, I’d probably have been moving to that building when it was finished. Although, as I type this, I’m thinking the target was supposed to be seniors and possibly those in need. Still, it would have been a wonderful place to live!

      Thank you Dan, for your comments!

  2. I still complain to my wife about the demolition of the Chaucey-Griffith House. I’m glad you got there to get good pictures. I would probably complain a lot more if I wouldn’t have seen your pics of the team dismantling the house to salvage the trim and other reusable pieces. It is weird to see how much downtown has changed in the last few years, but you have done an excellent job of documenting the changes. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you, Jeremy! I do appreciate your comments. I hope to bring back some of the photos that I’ve taken down, but it requires some time and me to make a final decision on the format I’ll be making them available in. There are so many things I’d like to do!


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