Harrison Square Construction Update – 12/16/2008

I met briefly with Jim Irwin, Barry Real Estate, regarding a construction update at Harrison Square on December 16, 2008.  He shared that the project is currently on schedule and budget.  Picnic Tables and seats are to be installed beginning January 12, 2008.  Approximately 86 picnic tables will be installed.  The screws which will be used to mount the seats to the concrete have been placed.Â

Hand rails are currently being installed around the ballpark.  The hand rails I saw are green, which is the same color as the visible metal structure of the upper suite level.  On the Northwestern most corner of the concourse level will be the Kid’s Zone which will have rubberized material installed as well as playground equipment.  The two “B” poles that have the lights on them and that are located near the first and third base lines will have a titanium cable ran to the ballpark structure.  This cable will hold the netting behind home plate to protect fans and spectators.

The concourse level on the north side of the field is currently under construction.  This is starting with construction of the underground parking garage which will become The Harrison, the condominium/retail portion of the project.  There are columns being built which will hold the concrete slabs of the concourse level.  The Wrigley-style seating needs to be installed as well as video board on the side of the parking deck.  The video board is scheduled to be installed the first week of March.  Work is also progressing on the installation of the fountain in the Robert E. Meyers Park.  The TinCaps front office staff will be moving into the ballpark the end of January.

This is the first ballpark project that Jim has been involved with.  I asked him if there was anything about this project that blew him out of the water, or that he found amazing or something the layman wouldn’t think about.  Jim responded that the level of detail of the various components and engineering involved has been amazing.  As the project manager, to have the overall perspective of the process and work that has gone into the ballpark, has been fun.  “It’s fun to build something that is this high quality and has as much character as this will have.”

The complete photo set may be viewed here.


Frost on the playing field

Robert E. Meyers Park as seen from the top of the Parking Deck

Harrison Square sign at the Webster Street entrance

Robert E. Meyers Park sign at the Webster Street entrance

Screws for the seats

Work in The Harrison’s parking garage – note the columns being erected

Future kid’s Zone

Hand railings are being installed

The under structure of the suite level has been painted green

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