BBC Container Project

The BBC Box passing through Glendon, PA.  Click on the photo to visit the full size.  Photo taken from:

One of my interests is railroading.  There’s something about standing trackside as a heavy freight goes thundering by – the noise, the vibrations, the smell of diesel fumes, the rush!  The BBC has an interesting project underway.  They have equiped a 48 foot container with GPS and are follwing the container around the world for a year.  Thus far, the container began its current journey in the UK and has been in China and is currently in the USA.  The reason for me mentioning this, is that the container moved through Northern Indiana this past Monday on the former New York Central Railroad lines which are currently operated by Norfolk Southern Railroad.  It was in Elkhart at 1:44 pm Monday.  If you would like, visit the BBC News website for details including an interactive map and frequent reports of the container’s progress.

The above photo taken from,

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