Voter Turnout Numbers

This is completely unofficial, but looking at some of the returns the Journal is printing for Allen County with 294 of 301 precincts reporting, we can surmise the final turnout percentage.

Presidenital Election
   76,728 McCain/Palin
   69,934 Obama/Biden
     1,104 Barr/Root 
147,766 Total votes 

With 253,313 eligible voters, this gives us a turnout that will end up being a bit higher than 58.33%.  Almost 24% higher than the Primary turnout.  The debate will go back and forth – whether it was a galvanizing candidate, the worsening economic or just plain ol’ mounting feelings of discontent.

The difference in total votes between the Governor’s race and Presidential race is 2,643.  So, there weren’t many voting for just Obama or McCain and not finishing their ticket.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out across the country.

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