Name Day Tomorrow

Wizard's Logo

News outlets are proclaiming that tomorrow at 11:00 am, there will be a news conference announcing the new name of the Wizards.  Tune in for video and photos tomorrow.

WANE-15 is reporting:

[…] Earlier this year, a Name the Team Contest took place where fans submitted nominations.  More than 2,500 names were turned in.  From those, the winner was picked.

[…] Team management released a top 10 list of names that were amusing and still family friendly that didn’t make the cut.

10: Fort Wayne Newtons
  9: Fort Wayne Dudes
  8: Fort Wayne Weiner Dogs
  7: Fort Knocks
  6: Fort Wayne Fashizzle
  5: iWiz
  4: Fort Wayne Mighty Gherkins
  3: Fort Wayne.ComPadres
  2: Harrison SquarePants
  1: Hoosier Daddies

Thanks to Chad Gramling (Baseball in Fort Wayne) for the heads-up.  When I caught their news cast at 6, only half the above list was mentioned.


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