A Year Ago At Harrison Square

The above photo was taken last year on September 21st 2007, while the next photo was taken yesterday, September 23, 2008.

If you look at the first photo, you’ll notice the former MLK Montessori School was in the process of being demolished.  After an auction on August 11th, 2007, purchases of the various items sold began stripping the facility down.  From the start, it was apparent that this would go down as one of the messiest demolitions in Fort Wayne History.  By the time of the first photo, materials were strewn over a two block area.  A couple of days after the above photo, the walls were taken down and the school was gone forever.  This next photo shows a close-up of the MLK Montessori school shortly before it’s final demolition.

AFW Photo Sets taken from the Lincoln Tower Observation Deck
9/21/2007 – 9/23/2008

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