Meyer Park Construction

Click here for the photo set.

The construction of Meyer Park has a good start.  Some of the concrete work has been completed and the park is beginning to take shape.  The above photo shows the park area as seen looking South on Webster Street from Washington Boulevard.  Notice the red Martin pick-up truck several feet above street level.  Hopefully this photo will convey to you the height of the concourse that runs around the ballpark.  If you were able and continued walking on Webster Street, inside the fence, eventually, you would reach Douglas Avenue which is the same elevation where the pick-up sits.  If you click on the above link, there are a few more photos, including the artist’s rendering of how the park will look and some photos taken from the City’s OxBlue Webcam which show the entire project area and also a close-up of the park and entrance area off Jefferson Boulevard.  It is beginning to take shape as well.  Overall, the project has really come to life lately, instead of the non-3-D images we’ve had in mind from the various video run-throughs of the project provided last year.  Exciting stuff!!

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