The Harrison Square Towers

Two electrical towers have been installed at Brackenridge and Ewing Street – directly across from what will be the main entrance to the ballpark.  The installation occurred Monday and Tuesday. The towers are probably 60-70 feet tall – I say this because I have a line outside my apartment building that are a bit higher than my seventhfloor windows.  I believe this is a feeder line (I’m not an electrical engineer so forgive me if I’m wrong) that runs down Fulton Avenue from a substation on Superior Street.  It cuts across Brackenridge to Ewing, then across the NS/CSX Railroad lines to another substation around Melita and Webster Streets.

The towers don’t look majorly out of place at this stage, but what if redevelopment of the area kicks in and these two towers are left sticking out like a sore thumb?  Could these lines have been re-routed underground as part of the construction occurring in the area?  These are questions beyond my ability to answer.

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