Model T Bicycles New Location

In previous years, the Model T Bicycle Rentals had to shut down operations during the Three Rivers Festival. This year, they have relocated just across the St. Mary’s River onto the grounds of Old Fort Wayne, along the Rivergreenway Trail. If you follow the Pedestrian Bridge out of Headwaters Park, East towards Old Fort Wayne, you’ll find them at the foot of the bridge. The will be there until July 24th at which time they will return to their customary spot in Headwaters Park, just North of the Lincoln Financial Pavilion.  From their website:

New for TRF
Cannonball Run Trail: This exciting new trail will debut one week before Three Rivers Festival. Riders will embark on an adventure back in time as they travel through a forest, over a wooden plank bridge and around a bend following the St. Mary’s river. . .oh and did we mention you might have to dodge a cannonball or two??

Also, did you know they are also selling the bicycles?

Are You Ready To Buy?
For the first time ever, Model T is making its Model T Horseless Carriage available for sale to the public. If you buy and ride a Model T Horseless Carriage in place of your automobile for just 20 – 25 weeks out of the year, the Model T Horseless Carriage will pay for itself plus save you over $1,000+ of gas a year!!  Read more.

The official Model T Bicycle Rentals – AFW Photos

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  1. Hmmmmm, betcha a dollar they won’t? Although they could ride two at a time and if I remember, they could mount a basket on the front to carry various items they might need on a raid. These bikes can go pretty fast, although I’m not sure how well they jump curves or things like that.


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